Why is getting a reliable Internet is critical for economic growth?

As hybrid working continues to be the norm in 2022, Malaysian workers value internet connection more than ever before. According to a global poll of nearly 60,000 respondents regarding their home broadband access, quality, and usage in 30 markets, including Malaysia, workers believe that universal access to fast and reliable internet is vital to economic and societal growth.

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The internet’s quality and availability are critical to hybrid work’s success. 80% of Malaysian respondents believe that everyone, regardless of location, should be able to safely connect to fast and reliable internet. Workers also expect a high level of reliability and quality, in addition to speed. A comparable percentage (81%) think broadband connection reliability and quality are important to them. The fact that nearly eight out of ten Malaysian workers (84 percent) utilize their broadband at home for four hours or more each day demonstrates their reliance on high-speed internet connectivity. In 70 percent of Malaysian families, three or more people use the internet at the same time.


To support their livelihoods, many teleworkers require more than just a minimal degree of connectivity. Over half of Malaysian workers (52 percent) expect to update their internet service in the next 12 months in order to meet the demands on their broadband connection. With hybrid working remaining the mainstay of Malaysia’s workforce, employees need access to high-performance, secure, and dependable internet to work successfully and productively when they are away from the office. Use the unifi fibre coverage for better accessibility to the Internet.

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  1. Essential for small and medium enterprises
  • With 54 percent of Malaysia’s workforce increasingly using their home internet to work from home or run their own business, having access to a secure, dependable internet connection is more crucial than ever to maintain efficient operations. This is especially important for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), who lack the resources and IT infrastructure of larger corporations. Simultaneously, a new digital business environment has arisen, allowing ambitious entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs to thrive while also encouraging innovation across industries. According to the latest data from the Malaysia Statistical Business Register (MSBR) issued by the Malaysian Department of Statistics, MSMEs account for 97.4 percent of all establishments in the country. Broadband connectivity will be critical in this regard.


  1. Security is vital
  • Employees must be able to connect to their company’s networks and apps from outside the office in order to work from anywhere, accessing private data across numerous locations, devices, and public and private networks. Workers are realizing that safety and security, as well as speed and reliability, will be critical to hybrid working’s success. Sixty-six percent of Malaysian workers who work remotely full-time or in a hybrid work arrangement would pay more for a secure broadband connection, indicating that security is a major concern for many.

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The urgent need for ubiquitous broadband creates a significant opportunity for governments and businesses to collaborate and act. Governments should speed up efforts to ensure that everyone has access to high-speed, dependable internet, according to 81 percent of respondents. Governments can create broadband laws and programmes that promote competition, spur internet investment, and broaden the reach of the internet.