What is website uptime? To put it simply, it is the measure of a website’s time that people can access it online. Although website owners would want their websites to be accessible 100% of the time, it is virtually impossible for that to happen. That is because there are so many factors that may lead to downtime.

A good web hosting company can help you get the best possible website uptime but what are these factors that may contribute to the downtime of your webpage?

Factors that Can Affect Website Uptime

Hosting Provider’s Servers

Most of the problems with regard to website downtime can usually be traced back to the web hosting provider. As you probably know by now, your website has to be placed inside a server and it will transmit all of the files online for your website to become accessible to people all over the world.

Things such as scheduled maintenance or server failure as a result of a component getting busted are just some of the issues that you may face on the hosting provider’s side.

Internet Spikes

Sudden spikes in internet traffic may also lead to the downtime of your website. Now, let me be clear here: spikes in internet traffic are normal but an abnormally high amount of traffic could overload your provider’s servers, rendering your website inaccessible until the issue is fixed.

One common problem that may lead to this is a massive DDoS attack.

Natural Disaster

When your hosting company still makes use of traditional hosting methods, then they will still have to build their own data centers so that they can house their servers in a pretty good environment.

That being said, the said facility might be situated in an area where it is prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters and in the event that it is indeed damaged by such, it could potentially mean problems to your website.

The good thing is that good hosting companies already spend their resources in helping create cloud web hosting plans that may solve some of these issues so that your website can remain up and running despite the possibility of natural disasters.

Power Outage

Now, keep in mind that data centers are equipped with power generators to provide ample energy to the facility for extended periods of time after a blackout.

However, generators provide finite resources and if the issue of a power outage is not resolved, it could potentially lead to website downtime.

Disk Corruption

To the uninitiated, a server is technically just a computer with robust parts for 24/7 operation. Having said that, even if the computer is filled with strong components, hard disk failures can happen at any time, probably as a result of wear and tear .

It is important that you get a hosting company that conducts website backups regularly to ensure that your website’s data remains intact even after an event such as this.