Are you thinking of redesigning your current company website? If your current website looks outdated, then you need to update it in order to look credible and trustworthy to the eyes of your target customers. A good design is essential for better traffic and better user experience. Below are 5 essential components that every website designer must remember when working on a website.


Content will always be king. Why? These are the features that literally communicates with your company’s promise and position. The most common setup–the copywriter produces the content, while the designer comes up with the complementary visual environment.


Establishing trust among your customers is very important, but you can’t achieve that unless you really get to know them. Do you understand their pain points? What are the things they value a lot? Level up your marketing tactics. Let it function as a dialogue to your potential customers, in order to discover and address their unique needs.


Navigation is one of the most important aspects of website design. No user would stay in a web page with poor navigation. Is your navigation easy to comprehend and find? When designing this part, make sure not to get carried away by fancy typefaces and elements. Remind your website developer to optimize navigation

Brand Consistency

Every page and element in your website must be consistent with each other. Ask yourself, will people recognize your brand in various forms of communication? When something goes wrong with your brand’s visual communication strategy, customers might feel uncomfortable.

Reading Patterns and SEO

Many people are comfortable reading web pages in the very same way they read books. Website designers must know this, and other information with regards to user behavior.