According to the Mayans, the end of the world is approaching. Given their track record, it could be prudent to begin making the most of the remaining two weeks. Before departing this planet, there are a few things that you must do even if you are working in one of the top MLM companies in Malaysia.


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  • Plant

I never met my great-grandfather, but I am well acquainted with his chestnuts. Since I was a youngster, we’ve cooked chestnut soup with them every Thanksgiving. They grew from seeds planted in the yard by the old guy. He knew he’d be gone for a long time before they started to produce. Giving life to something that will outlast you was the purpose.


  • Explore Chichén Itzá

Even before modern technology, the Maya people were able to forecast astrological occurrences like equinoxes and solar eclipses with incredible accuracy. If the doomsday predictions come true, what better place to be when the world begins to fall apart than Chichén Itzá, the Maya civilization’s epicentre? Even if the world doesn’t end, you’ll have the opportunity to see a UNESCO World Heritage Site (and have easy access to Yucatán dunes at nearby Cancun).


  • Soak up some sunlight and get drenched in the rain

Feel the sunshine on your face and then let the raindrops soothe your skin as you live in the magnificent moods of nature. Feel the morning dewdrops and smell the earth when raindrops fall on it. Remember that humans still do not influence the creation of such delights.


  • Volunteer at a special needs camp

There are numerous camps to choose from. I wandered over from my grandparents’ house to a camp for persons with impairments when I was 16 years old. I was lonely without my friend and his elder brother, who had been volunteering there all summer. But I was terrified to death.

I followed the white rabbit to a world where my life had been rewritten, where practically everyone spoke their own language, where someone who couldn’t swim wanted to go bridge-jumping or sit in my lap while we kayaked through a nor’easter. A place where a body’s inconceivable contortions were more spectacular than anything seen at the Boston Ballet.

I came back for the summer two years later. I was assigned to a camper who was twice my age and was a lot of fun. He was wheelchair-bound and musculoskeletally stiff. I bathed him, fed him, performed skits with him, drank with him, sang with him, and stayed up late with him chatting about ladies and baseball. What a relief it was to quit thinking about myself! And that was a lot of fun. Volunteering camps such as Camp Jabberwocky on Martha’s Vineyard (where I was), Zeno Mountain Farm in Vermont and others across the country will improve your life regardless of your age. You’ll get a glimpse of a parallel reality that will blow your mind even if you just pop over for an afternoon of helping out in the kitchen.