Your upstream connection (upload), i.e. the speed, always measured in Mbits / s, of the data transfer between your device and the Internet. Internet service providers (ISPs) offer different Internet connection speeds at different prices.

unifi broadband

Typically, you can choose from multiple plans, but you have to shell out more to enjoy a faster connection. Choosing this unifi broadband service is the wisest.

There are online tools to measure Internet connection speeds. Your provider probably has one on their website for you to assess your connection speeds.

Have you ever wondered if your Internet plan is the one you’re paying for? The CRTC has set up a project to assess the performance of broadband Internet services offered in country homes in order to measure their speeds and evaluate other characteristics, and we invite you to participate in this exercise. Find out about this project and find out if your Internet service is up to the task.

What influences the speeds of my connection?

The download and upload speeds associated with your plan are all determining factors in evaluating the actual speeds of your Internet connection. But there are others.

Factors inside the home

The package ordered from your provider specifies the Internet service speeds from their facilities to your door. Advertising literature often advertises speeds “up to” any number of Mbps, but several factors can reduce connection speed. Here are a few :

The computer

Do you have a newer, fast computer, or is it an old machine struggling to provide the resources for new applications?

The modem

Can this device, which converts data transmitted by telephone, cable or fiber optic into a format that can be used by the computer, can accept the high connection speeds that are the norm today? Older models may not accept them.

The wireless router

More and more consumers are installing a wireless network in their homes to take advantage of Internet services with multiple devices. Connection speeds may vary with the distance between the router and these devices.

The number of devices used

Do you use one device or do you share the internet connection with other people’s computer, tablet or smartphone? The speed of the Internet connection is directly proportional to the number of devices connected to the home network.