You must be a gambler or a frequent casino visitor. We can deduce that considering the fact that you are on this page and are trying to learn poker. You see, it is not the right time to check out conventional casinos considering the problem the world is facing right now and thus, it is best if you will just settle with a  live casino Malaysia

You need not worry as you can still find the poker game in an online version and considering the fact that poker is quite popular, you will never find a casino that does not offer this game. In fact, this game is one of the oldest and most popular games, that is thanks to the many adaptations in movies and so on. 

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Do you want to learn poker? Check this out:

  • In this particular game, only one deck is used, which means only 52 cards. Nevertheless, a new deck is prepared in case the first one will all be used and there are two dealers. One dealer will handle the game while the other will shuffle all those cards that have been used and at the same time, prepare the other deck of cards. You will find that new cards are prepared in the case that the players will want one and the cellophane packing will be removed in front of all the players. 
  • There are 5 hands in a poker game which are: no pair, five of a kind, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, and flush. In the no pair, if there are two or more players with five cards with no pair at all, and no same kinds, the one with the highest card will win. It means that if you have an ace, you are already a contender. With five of a kind, it means you have all the flowers in your hands in which of course, the higher rank is when he has 4 10s and a joker. With the standard card, since there are no wild cards, the straight flush is considered the highest rank. The four of a kind is the lower version of the five of the rank where the last card won’t be considered. With a flush, you have the same suit of five cards, but they are not in order. 
  • The actions you can do in this game is either call which means you are challenging those who will take it and increasing the pot, raise which will allow you to escalate the current bet for that round, fold, which means you are giving up as well as your bets, and check which means in that particular wager, you are declining. 

There are still some pointers that you need to know about poker as well as tricks and some strategies that can increase your chances. While this game is still a game of luck, you can strategize here since you have a number of actions to make.