You’ve undoubtedly tried some of the games in the Diamond Casino in GTA Online. It has slots, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Regardless, the establishment has a major issue. I’m not sure about the slots. Selected games may not be fair. Always the house wins But losing a few times isn’t the same as losing often. Worse, non-player characters (NPCs) frequently win. If you pay attention in the casino, the NPCs hit winning symbols suspiciously quickly.


Isn’t it the same?

I’ve played a lot of casino games since the 1980s when I bought Vegas Jackpot from Mastertronic for the Vic 20. You realise that the odds are always against the player. That’s part of the deal, but any game that promises to imitate casino games has to be realistic. I wouldn’t have spent much time on Vegas Jackpot if I had lost every game, but it did let people win.

It’s the same with every PSP game I’ve tried. I’d been a fan of poker since I saw Dave Ulliolt and Phil Hellmuth on Channel 4. So I gravitated towards console games, initially on PS3 then PSP. While the World Poker Tour headliners were enticing, the fact that these AI players could be beaten kept the games interesting. No money was involved, but what’s the purpose of playing a game you can’t win? And it felt the same with games like Hard Rock Casino. So what if you can’t win a single hand of cards, earn any chips on a roulette wheel, or win anything from the slots room? None at all.


So why would GTA Online rig games that don’t pay out?


Stay focused on actual crimes

Rockstar knows that if the Diamond casino is profitable, players will gamble more than rob, smuggle, or race. Less time spent playing games and more time doing other things if you keep losing.

Of course, you can win occasionally. Reddit user wins $2.5 million In fact, several players have been playing thousands of chips and won little.


Gambling Control

Rockstar does not want to be accused of creating problem gamblers. That’s why it makes its games unprofitable for players. Also, no more than 50,000 chips per 30 minutes. 500,000 chips cost roughly 30p, so don’t go overboard.

Another rule restricts players from countries where gambling is prohibited. From Belgium to Poland, China to Egypt, this message is embraced. “This transaction cannot be completed.”



Rockstar needs players’ cash. With its games heavily in its favour, players who want to play at the Diamond Casino must continually buy more chips. So the developer lets you buy chips with actual money. You can’t remove gaming winnings.

Is the Diamond Casino Fair?

While winning slots at the Diamond Casino is unlikely, there are other games with greater odds. Blackjack and poker are especially fair. There are also roulette and baccarat tables. Blackjack and poker are the finest games to play for regular wins. There are many ways to beat the dealer at blackjack. Winning poker is simple if you have the right skills.

Of course, you can’t spend your gambling winnings on GTA Online. But becoming a casino member gets you a penthouse you may decorate to seem nice. Even unfair slot machines are entertaining to play.


Where to Play Fair Slots?

If you enjoy playing GTA Online slots but never win anything meaningful, there is a better approach. has extensive instructions on how to play hundreds of real money slots. The website also lists locations to play the games, including those that offer free bets.

Real money casinos, of course, let you cash out. BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW THEY ARE ETHICAL


Respected Authority Regulated

Unlike GTA Online slots, real money gambling sites are governed by regulators. The Gambling Commission issues gambling licences in the UK. Gibraltar and Alderney have regulators. But they issue licences to casinos outside of Britain.


It’s Possible to Win

Playing an online slot machine Malaysia will reveal its fairness. Most real money slots hit regularly, even if modest. Some games, however, hit moderately but win well. Alternatively, you may play a game where winning is rare. Then you could earn tens or even hundreds of thousands.