Majority of people love frozen desserts, and the ice cream will always be on top since it has billions of fans all over the gobe. Who doesn’t like cold,creamy and flavourful desserts especially when iit is summer the weather is hot as the sun shines with all its might. But within the past few decades, there is one new dessert which is frozen icy yogurt but it was not really popular as ice creams back then.

Today, it seems like a lot of frozen yogurt shops are starting to pop up in malls and any places that are available. This gives chance to small frozen yogurt shoppers to run for their money. Have you ever wondered how, where, and when frozen yogurt was discovered.

The Origin

Yogurt was originally discovered roughly around 5000 years ago. It originated in both the middle east and is because, a lot of their traditional cuisine contain yogurt. They use yogurt in their breakfast and dinner dish. They also use everything and anything in between. It has been said that they used yogurt in their cuisine for many years before white people discovered it.

First frozen yogurt

H.P. Hood is an ingenious entrepreneur who introduced frozen yogurt in 19170’s. That frozen yogurt was known as “frogurt” (short form for frozen yogurt). This dessert serves as a soft-served dessert and it is very similar to ice cream.

TCBY involvement

A popular ice cream company, TCBY (The Country Best Yogurt) noticed that the consumers in the market crave for a healthier and tasty product that tastes like ice cream. So, with this kind of opportunity they opened their very first frozen yogurt shop in 1981. By four year after that, they already have 100 frozen yogurt chains nationwide. It became so popular and the industry reached $250 million in sales by 1986. The popularity of these desserts continued until the 90’s and accounted for 10% of the entire frozen yogurt market.

Up until now, it still does not show any sign of slowing down. The dessert analyst predicted that frozen yogurt will hit $2.1 billion anytime soon after its revenue in 2019. So, when you enjoy this dessert, why not think of this food for thought.