The vast advancements of technologies in our day has allowed us to express our artistic capabilities in many ways. Art is known to make our lives more meaningful by creating a free space for one to express emotions and thoughts creatively. Thanks to technology and the internet, we can now express these artistic thoughts digitally in a more efficient and convenient manner, and earn money from these thoughts too. Of course, we are also able to sell our art physically, but the efficiency of the internet has made art a much more widely available profession to get started on. So the burning question, how do you design nft crypto malaysia?

What is NFT & Crypto?

The term “NFT” refers to non-fungible tokens, which was made especially popular on social media roughly a year or two ago, during the rise of the pandemic. NFTs are a fancy term to express that the item – or ‘token’, is non-replaceable or one-of-a-kind. Many talented souls around the world use NFT as a way to earn easy money, because let’s face it – the NFTs we have seen go viral on the internet look simple to make. However, we must not underestimate the power of an NFT artist. As we have heard, a single NFT design can cost up to $91.8 million in USD dollars. Shocking, right?!Design nft crypto malaysia

The fact that NFT designs are one-of-a-kind definitely contributes to the price tags that come on these digital art pieces. The scarcity of each piece, the details put in by the artist is what makes it so expensive. NFT is more than just selling a piece of art. It is also a method for people investing in cryptocurrency to safeguard the assets (digitally). NFTs are kept on a blockchain, which are hosted by cryptocurrency coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin and many more.

Regular crypto players know that the tokens being traded play a huge role in the cryptocurrency industry. Tokens, or currencies are definitely fungible – meaning that they are transferable among one user to another. They are interchangeable, meaning that they hold the same concept as money. Digital arts or creations that are turned into an NFT on the blockchain on the other hand, are not fungible. Meaning, one piece of art will belong to only one person. There are no duplicates, just like there are many copies of the Mona Lisa art we all love dearly, but there will never be another painting that is identical to it.

Monetizing your art, creations, and even your time & creativity has become easy with the existence of cryptocurrency and NFTs. Nowadays, NFTs are not only jpeg arts anymore, there are hints of NFT seen in gaming, videos, images, merchandise and anything else you can think of. I’m sure you’ve seen NFT Profile Pictures on Twitter – it has become the new way of earning money on the side. Of course, there are people whose profession revolves around creating and trading NFT and cryptocurrency. If you are a person of artistic talents, you should learn more about how to design NFT crypto malaysia to earn money from your creativity.