The spread of Japanese culture to Malaysia has accelerated during the last few years. From food, fashion, and entertainment to cultural and non-cultural activities like anime, cosplay, manga, and Japanese music, the intriguing culture of Japan has benefited Malaysia in many ways.

The establishment of these extracurricular and cultural events aids in educating Malaysians about their neighbours.



The introduction of anime in Malaysia over the past few years has brought upon a huge group of ‘Otaku’ which is a term used in Japan to describe persons who enjoy watching or reading things, especially anime, manga, playing video games, or using computers. These Otakus introduced Japanese culture to many other people all over Malaysia based on their interest in Anime and the culture or celebrations that they showed in the Anime. 

Although it is true that not all Anime has the same culture due to the variety of Genres that exist. Most of the cultures are similar across all the anime. Most of this brought upon a wide variety of cultures that are from Japan. 


Cultures that came
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Of the many cultures that were introduced, the biggest ones that can be seen that had the biggest effect on Malaysian Culture is the introduction of Japanese Food and Japanese Attire. For Japanese food, it is easy to spot their presence all over Malaysia ranging from Sushi places to Ramen Shops that sell authentic Japanese cuisine. 

Besides the food, Japanese clothes or Japan-themed clothes have collaborated with a lot of the shops that are open all over Malaysia. There are even multiple shops that sell only Japanese traditional clothes like Kimonos and Yukatas but there are also clothing stores that sell Modern Japanese-style clothing. 



Just like Anime, Japanese Comics, also known as Manga are introduced all over Malaysia in both physical forms and online sites that provide them. Most Mangas that are sold in Malaysia have already been translated into English but there are physical and online stores where you could buy Manga with the language in Japanese. These Mangas come in many different genres like anime and most Manga would get an Anime adaptation. 

Manga can also be found online. There are a huge variety of websites that provide a lot of manga to be read for free, most do not even require an account to be made. For example, one of the well-known anime currently is Spy X Family. Although there is an anime out that can be watched on streaming websites like Netflix or KissAnime, you could also read spy x family latest manga chapter online malaysia.


Cosplay Culture

Because of the introduction to all these fictional anime characters, Malaysians have taken another culture from Japan which is to Cosplay as any character of their liking. Cosplay essentially means dressing up as a fictional character. 

Most cosplayers would attend cosplay events to show people their cosplay and take pictures with everyone. Cosplayers come together and make these events very lively and showcase to the general public their interests while being in their cosplay of their favourite anime characters.