Deciding your future is not an easy thing to do. You don’t want to ruin all your efforts and waste years of studying things that do not give you a bright future, right? Think of it carefully and choose the best out of the best!

Medical degree Malaysia

These are few major courses that you can consider to study for your degree:

  1.   Business Management

Business is not about coming up with fresh ideas; it is about figuring out how to profit from them. A business degree allows you to investigate diversity, politics, ethics, and diverse thinking abilities in the workplace. You will learn about marketing, finance, economics, statistics, and many other topics. With a business major, you will be able to have jobs that are related to business management such as business analyst, management consultant, business manager, forensic accountant and data analyst. If you are looking for a job that is not related to your major but makes your major useful, being a costs lawyer and system analyst will do.

  1.       English Language and Literature

You will be able to extract and analyse meaning from any book in this subject. Elegant and beautiful. English majors will be exposed to a wide range of captivating works of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction from across the world and throughout history. As an English Language and Literature degree holder, you will be able to work as an English teacher, translator, authors, international relations, lawyer, content writer and editorial assistant. Other than working for any company or firm, you will also be able work for yourself. For example, a personal tutor.

  1.       Medicine

Medicine and surgery are among the most prestigious degrees not just in the current day, but throughout history. It is also one of the most demanding degrees in higher school, requiring years of instruction, particularly if you choose specializations. It can be considered expensive due to its requirements and fees. Medical degree Malaysia graduates will have a line of job choices such as nurse, medical assistant, hospital administrator and medical admitting officer. There are also a lot of specialisms that you can choose such as radiologist, physician, dietician, dermatologist and neurologist.

  1.       Computer science

For someone who loves mathematics, this is surely the best major for you and this major is about the study of computers and computational systems. You will learn about software and systems. These are the fundamentals that will assist you in developing better technologies and systems; artificial intelligence, security and database systems are some of the fundamental topics of study in computer science. Jobs that require your Bachelor’s in Computer Science are web developer, software developer, software engineer and computer scientist. You can also be in the Research and Development department in any organisation.

  1.       Communication and Digital Media

Communication and Digital media is a Bachelor degree that requires skills in workplace learning. During the learning period, you will have to work on research and case studies. You will study about our rapidly changing communication environment, cultural implications and investigate the social aspects of various media and technologies, and polish communication skills. Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Digital Media allows you to explore how blogs, newspapers and tablets are able to change the world. Jobs that await you are from various working fields such as journalist, communication specialist and freelance content creator.