Characters in anime can exert control over the subconscious in a variety of ways. Some can move objects, see into the future, communicate telepathically, and even start fires simply by thinking about that. Some tales even mix psychic and spiritual skills, allowing people to see or conjure the lost souls. And they have the potential to be quite powerful. When ESP isn’t widely used in a setting, having such abilities can be problematic for a character. Humans either believe they are witches or are at risk of being operated on to discover the mystery source of their abilities, depending on the context. However, a lot of anime shows that characters with psychic abilities are being discussed on social media. These are the ones to dread especially after going through Vietnam best forex brokers review.


  • Mob Kageyama – Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo Kageyama or also known as “Mob” is a regular boy in most ways, yet he possesses incredible psychic skills. Telekinesis is the most evident, allowing him to manipulate a wide range of things with his thoughts. He can also collect and instil other person’s psychic power, astral project, utilize chlorokinesis to produce food, and feel other psychics. His emotional condition has a direct impact on his ability. When his emotions spiral out of control, it can result in massive power outbursts. But, honestly, he’d rather utilise his abilities to assist Reigen in exorcising spirits or to brag to his beloved Tsubomi.


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  • Saiki Kusuo – The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo

Saiki Kusuo isn’t your typical 16-year-old student. His telepathic abilities are so great that he frequently finds himself in dangerous circumstances. Saiki wears his signature collar and green glasses, which operate as limiters, to seek to manage his gift. His eyes gleam a vivid purple beneath these. Saiki’s abilities were immediately apparent – he was born female, then converted into a male an hour later. Intelligence officials were chasing him for assistance by the moment he was just four years old. Saiki’s powers enable him to provide information into his pals’ and parents’ pasts as well as their destiny. This is due to the fact that having an accurate telepathic reading may help other people comprehend their life path, and that is why Saiki provides readings to his pals in person and over the phone. Saiki is a kind person at heart, despite the fact that his psychic abilities have gotten him into something more than his fair share of problems.


  • Saki Hanajima – Fruits Basket

Saki, often known as Hanajima or “Hana-chan,” is a character from the Fruits Basket series who is noted for her stern demeanour, strong connection with Tohru, as well as psychic abilities. She can read auras, detect evil and good, plus even detect mental waves. She also can send out hazardous waves. Her abilities are primarily limited to the physical realm, and she has little effect over ghosts, though she acknowledges that the dead do have weaker waves. Regrettably, her abilities haven’t made things any simpler for her, since she’s been mistaken for a witch. Even Tohru has been labelled a witch in this series, yet Saki once had a horrible experience when her wish to kill a bully almost came true, making her mistrust her abilities.