“Complimentary” is abbreviated as “comp.” Comps are freebies that casinos and other gambling establishments give you as an incentive to gamble with them. When it comes to comps, the more you wager, the more you get.


Understanding the term “activity” is helpful when discussing comps. To be “in action” simply means that you have money invested in a wager of any kind.

“Action,” on the other hand, can allude to how much money you’ve put on the line. It can also be used to describe how much money you’ve bet over time.


Every time you spin the wheels at a casino slot machine and bet $1, you’re putting $1 into action. Another example: If you spin 600 times an hour, you’ve invested $600/hour.


Casinos like mega888 can forecast your long-term predicted losses based on your hourly action based on the game’s odds and payout odds. They can then figure out a percentage of that and provide it to you as a freebie.


You’ll be assigned a casino host at traditional land-based casinos if you bring much action to the casino. In the casino, this is the person whose job it is to make you pleased so that you don’t gamble elsewhere. When a host wants to keep you pleased, they use comps as their primary tool.


Playing a game with a little house edge can maximize your comps for a loss. The house edge in blackjack can be as low as 0.5 percent if you know how to play perfect basic strategy. In blackjack, the average player loses 4% of his or her best because he or she doesn’t understand the basics perfectly.


If you’re playing blackjack, casinos estimate your probable loss as 3 percent or 4 percent, depending on your skill level. Considering that you’re only expecting to lose 0.5%, you’re receiving comps based on an overblown theoretical loss of between 5% and 10%.


Another strategy to optimize your comps is to place large bets when the dealer and pit supervisor are rating you. Players rate your hourly activity by “rating” you. Trying to mislead the pit supervisor is more difficult than it appears.


By taking frequent breaks, you’ll be dealing with fewer hands per hour than the casino expects, lowering your predicted hourly loss substantially. Taking frequent toilet breaks will allow you to play only 45 hands per hour at a blackjack table dealing 60 hands per hour.


How much of an impact does that have on your hourly loss projections?


It further cuts it by about 25%. You might just be losing $7.50 an hour instead of $10 an hour. Your comps may be based on the casino assuming that you will lose $40/hour on average.


The projected losses per hour can be reduced by using advanced video poker strategies. In fact, the combination of bonuses and the modest house edge in some video poker games might result in a positive expected value for the player. That’s a way to gain an advantage in gambling, but it’s not something you can do for the life of it. Because the house advantage is so modest, games with these pay tables are typically only accessible for small sums. Trying to earn a living playing video poker for free would be impossible.