Sometimes natural lubrication simply does not cut it. When a person is sexually aroused we produce a little extra lubrication, regardless of gender. This lubrication naturally facilitates pleasure and satisfaction. 

But of course, natural lubrication is not always enough. Some of us do not produce enough lubricant on our own and that is not a justifiable reason to not have a good sexual relationship. Using an artificial lubricant does not make you incapable or abnormal and nor does it destroy the intimacy between you and your partner. Rather, it does the opposite. Lubricants are widely known to improve the quality of our sex life and incredibly heighten the sexual pleasures we feel. 

There are so many options of lubricants to spoil us. From flavoured edible lubricants to baby oils, coconut oil, water based solutions, and even waterproof ones, the choices are endless. Lubricants make our playtime much more slippery, long-lasting, definitely frictionless. But it is important to remember that all lubricants are not made equal. All the different types of lubricants available to mankind have their own unique and distinctive differences. Some of them may be great for shower times sex while others may be impossible to use while on the sheets. Some lubricants are also known to contribute to STI’s and health hazards as well. It is so crucial to have all of our facts and wits about lubrication before buying the first thing we see on the market. 

The number one thing we must know about lubes is their consistencies and properties are different from one another. The composition of lubricants have the chance of making them highly osmotic to not osmotic at all. Some of us may have a vague understanding of osmolality based on our understanding of osmosis. It is basically the process of water moving through cell membranes in accordance with the concentration of water inside and outside the lubricant. Our cells require a lubricant that is iso-osmotic because they are the best at keeping skin cells safe when applied with lubricants. When a lubricant is hyperosmotic it can potentially damage the barriers of the skin cells and cause infections. For a lubricant that works the best with semen, vaginal play, anal play, and masturbation, we need a lubricant that is iso-osmotic. 


Another thing we must look out for is the pH balance of the lubricant. Anal lubricants may have a different pH than a lubricant that can be used on the vagina. Vgaina has its own pH balance and it is extremely sensitive to any outside species. Even the presence of soap sometimes can throw off the balance of pH and lead to vaginal infections and yeast infections. An optimum ph is usually labeled on the type of lube we buy and the purpose it is for. So be carefully when reading the labels and don’t go for the cheapest lube you find on the market. 

Lubricants not only react with our skin but they also react with sex toys. So when scrolling for the best adult sex toy malaysia, take note of the type of lubes the sex toys are compatible with.