Extend your wall ceramic tiles up to the ceiling.

By doing so, your bathroom ceiling would appear higher. Place decorative or colored tiles near the ceiling line and upper wall to draw the eyes up.

Correctly Scaling Elements Can Make or Break the Small Bathroom

Depending on the size of your bathroom, installing too big or too small tiles will look out of proportion to its parameters, and will highlight its small size. Do you have a modern interior design? Then, installing rectangular tiles in a vertical manner would improve the bathroom’s height.

Pick the right type of door.

The door is a crucial bathroom interior design tool that you should focus on. Make sure that your door would swing out, not in. Using pocket doors is also a good option. If you need help with this, feel free to consult a Malaysia interior design company for quality assistance.

Push the bathing facilities and accessories against the farthest wall.

This would depend highly on your bathroom space. If you have the usual rectangular shape, situate the shower and tub area on the farthest wall. Then, check if you can put a window on this wall.

Strip the bathroom of any accessory that sticks out from its walls.

Avoid including anything that sticks out from the bathroom walls. This is most especially true if you have narrow bathrooms. Are you thinking of putting a towel bar? Instead of mounting one on the wall, just put it at the back of your door. Then, go for built-in magazine racks and toilet paper holders.

Paint your ceiling.

Do you have small bathroom space with a very tall ceiling? You can play that up by painting your ceiling light blue, plus some small clouds. Wall paintings are captivating. Your visitors would surely get impressed.

Get creative with smart bathroom storage solutions.

Make use of every available corner in your bathroom. Take note of all the storage must-haves, from toilet papers and towels to other daily supplies. You can also consider behind the hooks for robes and towels, and door pouches that can hold small supplies.