Parenting is challenging and at the same time exciting and memorable. Today, you see yourself shopping for jogging strollers in Malaysia, and then the next week, there you are, dealing with plenty of breastfeeding problems.

1.Shoe size

Shoe size changes during pregnancy because of hormones and weight gain. Some women even report gaining about half a shoe size while pregnant. If you experience this, you need to get used to wearing a much bigger shoe size, since these changes are permanent, even if you lose weight.

2.Extra pounds

When it comes to weight gain during pregnancy, while the additional pounds are not really permanent, they are for several women. This becomes even more permanent if they give birth to more babies.

3.Vaginal changes

Vaginal changes are no longer a surprise, given the dimensions of a baby’s head. While your vagina will contract to almost the original size after giving birth, many women end up having a permanently wider vagina. There are tons of components that contribute to this, including the baby’s size, delivery type and genetic factors.

4.Wee problem

Not all women experience this, but unfortunately, many mothers are experiencing increased risk for bladder control loss or incontinence. This is because vaginal delivery may weaken those muscles required for bladder control. Even if you settled for c-section, you can still be increased incontinence.

5.Shrinking and Growing and shrinking breasts

Your breasts will go through big and little changes after and during pregnancy. They get bigger, since dormant fat tissues get replaced by functional tissues. These large breasts wouldn’t last forever, though.